CRS Solicitors supports agencies through legislation changes within the recruitment industry with trustworthy advice.

CRS Solicitors encourage agencies to communicate throughout the supply chain. Agencies should look to gain insights into the contractor’s status and the roles being completed. Consider working with compliant providers and put a PSL in place to mitigate any risk. Our jargon-free approach enables you to understand and apply legislation compliantly, giving you confidence to have those crucial communication channels with your clients and contractors. Partnering with experienced, trusted legal professionals places your business in the best place for growth.

Status review of contractors
By choosing to rely on trusted advice, you place your business in the best place for thriving amid a changing contracting market. CRS Solicitors have a history of understanding and applying legislation compliantly. Our longstanding expertise in status enables us to give you and your business the support and advice needed in understanding contractor status.

Contract review
We can provide tailored support to review all contracts which are specific to ensuring contractors are still able to have the flexibility to work and the freedom to earn. Our comprehensive understanding of contracting legislation and extensive experience of its application enables you to have practical solutions suited to your business. As we liaise with HMRC on regulation matters, you benefit from the most informed, compliant advice.

CRS Solicitors supports agencies preparing for IR35 changes with practical application of compliant, credible advice.

The IR35 changes planned for April 2020 expose agencies to potential risk, as although the end client will be responsible for determining the contractor’s IR35 status, the agency (as the fee payer) will be liable for enforcing the end client’s IR35 decision. In a changing contractor world, it can be a daunting time for agencies. CRS Solicitors provides the trusted expertise and equips you with understanding to confidently navigate the changes in legislation with success.

Preparation is key for any large tax legislation changes and CRS Solicitors, having successfully advised agencies to navigate legislation changes for well over a decade, know this better than anyone.

Shaun Critchley

What our clients are saying

Our teams are now far more confident in approaching clients and contractors about these big issues. Thanks again for the training you completed with us all.

Agency partner

Frequently asked questions

  1. What should I be doing as a recruiter to prepare contractors for changes in IR35?

    Help them to understand the legislation, and what their options are come April 2020. Take time to understand their status, and the assignment they’re completing. Where assignments start before April 2020 and extend beyond then, the changes in legislation will take effect. Put them in touch with trustworthy, compliant providers like CRS Solicitors to find out about practical options like insurance and status review.

  2. What can I be doing now to prepare for IR35 changes April 2020?

    This is a great opportunity for agencies to be ahead of the curve, and engage with their end clients to reassure them, and build a relationship of trust. Ensure you are working with compliant providers like CRS Solicitors who can help you with the support you need. Help your clients prepare by understanding how many contractors will be affected and what the size of the exposure is, they can prepare for April 2020 in a rational and commercial manner.

    Burying their head in the sand, or making last-minute blanket decisions as a result of poor preparation will not help you, your clients, or contractors. Conversely, knowing where change is required will enable agencies to work with their clients to put in place a plan and processes that will allow both parties to know and understand those roles that are caught and not caught; agencies will then also know where there is a requirement to deduct PAYE and NIC and where contracts have to be changed. Communication and planning is key!

  3. Am I exposed to any risk as an agency?

    Under the changes due in April 2020, there is a change of liability. As the fee payer, you will be liable for ensuring the correct Income Tax and NICs deductions are made for Limited Company contractors working inside IR35. However, by ensuring you have clear communication channels with your clients and contractors, and working with compliant partners like CRS Solicitors, you will place yourselves in a strong position of compliance with IR35.

    This can be a great opportunity for agencies. As your clients look to work with a compliant supply chain, you can offer that comfort and stability, and be their agency of choice in a changing contractor marketplace.

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